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Through anjika's energy art and energy sessions,

She will guide you to clear and direct your energy, so you can elevate your life to a higher level.

You and your life are about to change remarkably. 






The Shield Series


acrylic painting, resin peridot, turquoise 18" $770


acrylic painting, resin citrine, tigers eye, moonstone 18" $770


acrylic painting, resin peridot, moonstone, clear quartz, aquamarine, blue/green quartz 20" $880


acrylic painting, resin peridot, turquoise 18" $770


Historically, shields have served as personal protection needed to prevail in battle.

Anjika's Shield Series is an artistic expression of that legacy. Each piece is imbued with her gift of purposeful energy. The result is unique pieces of art that protect, activate and raise the frequencies of a physical space.

Shield Series pieces can be selected from the website gallery or commissioned to specifically address an individual's intentions and physical space. The "commissioning" process begins with a 30 minute "energy session" with Anjika.

To inquire about purchase or commission, contact Anjika.



INSIGHT   gain clarity and a deeper understanding on any matter 

ELEVATE  you and your life into its highest expression

HEAL   your physical, mental and emotional bodies

CLEAR   your home, work space, a room or any physical space

Energy--in its countless manifestations--can work both for you and against you dramatically affecting your well being, movement forward and ability to realize your desired reality.


Enjoy the video library-- energy sessions for clearing your energy field, healing, teleporting to your future, realizing your desired outcomes and taking control of your energy. 



ANJIKA is an energy intuitive, energy healer and artist. Her practice focuses on helping people master the energy in their lives as well as the energy in their home and professional spaces.


She studied the healing arts extensively at the Esalen Institute and trained at the International Association of Homeopathy.  


She is the author of two books detailing her alternative approaches to successful childbirth and beating disease. Her third book, Warriors, Wizards and the Wicked , taps into the wisdom of other dimensions to help us understand the craziness and horrors of life today. 

These books are available at

Anjika is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in art history. She is a classically trained singer and actress having worked in both the U.S. and Europe.







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