Anjika is here to help you realize a higher version of yourself.

Her practice--energyworks--is about optimizing the energy of all aspects of your life, so you can operate at your highest levels—at your highest frequencies.

Check "meet anjika", and you’ll see why she is uniquely qualified to guide you to clear and focus your energy, so you can elevate your life to a higher level.





Anjika will help you identify and understand the energy sources that may be undermining you in your pursuit to have the life you deserve.

She will help you utilize your own Divine template--leveraging your spiritual gifts--so you can master the energy you transmit and the energy you receive.


Serious and chronic illness, troublesome relationships, any form of life challenge and the energy of your home and work place can all be successfully addressed through energyworks.


No matter what you are experiencing in your physical, mental and emotional bodies can be healed, and you can be free of limitations and energies that are holding you back from realizing the life you want.


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Energy--in its countless manifestations--can work both for you and against you dramatically affecting the quality of your life...


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Meet Anjika 

ANJIKA is an energy intuitive,, energy healer and certified bach flower practitioner.  Her practice focuses on helping people master the energy in their lives as well as the energy in their home and professional spaces.


She studied the healing arts extensively  at the Esalen Institute and trained at the International Association of Homeopathy.


She is the author of two books detailing her alternative approaches to successful childbirth and beating disease. Her third book, Warriors, Wizards and the Wicked , taps into the wisdom of other dimensions to help us understand the craziness and horrors of life today. 

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Anjika is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in art history. She is a classically trained singer and actress having worked in both the U.S. and Europe.







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