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Anjika is an intuitive and energy healer.

Her energy consultations help people clear and direct their own energy and master the energy in their lives for their health, happiness and overall well-being.


A natural empath, sensitive and clairvoyant she refined her abilities at the Southern California Psychic Institute. 

Anjika trained in a line of a famous Zimbabwean healer, Mandaza Kandemwa. These gifted healers with their enhanced abilities and super mental powers travel in consciousness and are in prayer on behalf of others.

Through her beliefs and intent--Anjika overcame serious symptoms of secondary progressive M.S., a malignant melanoma disappeared, and she experienced no pain during labor and childbirth. 

She, also, worked with Dr. Eric Love where she learned how to heal the emotional body and deep trauma. She became a certified homeopath using the Bach Flower Remedies to assist in being free of negative emotions and restoring the balance of the mind and body.

Anjika is a graduate of Southern Methodist University with a B.A. in art history, was a work scholar at Esalen Institute and is working as a healing artist.

She is the author of three books which are available at www.22galaxies.com.


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